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Breville VIN245 ECO-TEC Digital Steam Iron

Breville VIN245 ECO-TEC Digital Steam Iron


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The Breville VIN245 ECO-TEC digital steam iron is the ideal ironing companion for powering through your laundry pile. It comes complete with an independent 1.4L water filling dock which the iron when in the resting position – making ironing that little bit more convenient Boasting , the ECO-TEC produces more steam and has a reduced heat-up time and a number of high-tech features to help reduce your ironing time The VIN245 has a high-spec so you can steam through piles of ironing with speed and efficiency. A ceramic soleplate provides an incredibly smooth glide, even heat distribution and is extremely durable. Its diamond shape also provides a pointed edge at both the top and bottom of the iron, enabling you to effortlessly move the iron in and out of the hardest places to reach, such as pockets, in between buttons and the corners of shirts Anti-scale helps prevent the build-up of limescale in the iron and on the soleplate to keep it performing at its best for as long as possible. Anti-drip means you can iron at low temperatures without any unwanted drips from the soleplate. Self-clean cycle flushes out impurities from the water via holes in the soleplate. Illuminated docking station for more water, less re-filling and an attractive finish.

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