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Bosch PRB326B70E Domino Gas Hob, Black

Bosch PRB326B70E Domino Gas Hob, Black


At 30cm wide, the Bosch PRB326B70E domino hob is an excellent solution if you haven't got space for a full sized hob or if you want extra cooking capacity alongside your existing hob. Thanks to the configuration of dual control wok burners, they provide even more power yet still reduce low enough for a simmer. They are perfect for the high-speed cooking required in oriental cuisine. This domino hob offers 2 low profile gas burners with variable power levels. Front mounted controls are more easily accessible and ignition is built into the dials, so you can ignite and power the hob in one action. It's even easier to control the hob. The sleek, black tempered glass base adds elegance to the kitchen. It's highly heat resistant and easy to clean. Dishwasher proof cast-iron pan supports provide added convenience. Should a burner be extinguished, the flame failure safety device cuts off the gas supply to the burner.

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