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Belkin WeMo Switch Home Automation System

Belkin WeMo Switch Home Automation System


Control your home electricity with a smartphone, tablet or iPod Touch and Belkin's WeMo Switch. WeMo Switch works with your home Wi-Fi to enable you to control mains power using a device with the WeMo app installed. WeMo is easy to setup. Simply plug the WeMo into your 240v wall outlet at home and connect it to your Wi-Fi using the WeMo app. You can choose a name and image for each device you're controlling, making it easy to select the one you need. You'll then have direct control over the power to that device through your internet connected device, so you can turn it on and off whenever you want. You can also create IFTTT (If This Then That) rules for the WeMo to follow. IFTTT works with existing functionality in your smartphone to determine the action it should take. It can be as simple as turning the power off at a set time, or more advanced, such as setting certain lights to turn on when the sun sets, or set all of your connected appliances to turn off when you leave home. Add as many additional WeMo Switches as you like to control more appliances around your house. The WeMo app requires internet connection to interact with WeMo devices.

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