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AEG AGN71800F0 Integrated Freezer, A+ Energy Rating, 54cm Wide

AEG AGN71800F0 Integrated Freezer, A+ Energy Rating, 54cm Wide


With an outstanding , the AEG AGN71800F0 integrated freezer has all the freezing capabilities you could need, as well as being highly energy efficient. With a large 208L capacity housing 7 full width transparent drawers, you can easily fit in any bulky items from the weekly shop. The advanced electronic temperature controls in the AEG AGN71800F0 ensure food is stored in maximum safety. Because the temperature is controlled electronically, it remains stable and constant, preventing temperature fluctuations. Thanks to the , the appliance remains completely free from ice build-up. This means that you will never have to defrost the freezer again, and it will always perform efficiently. When just-bought fresh food is added to your freezer, it's vital that the required freezing temperature is reached rapidly. Using the Frostmatic function, this freezer rapidly reaches its maximum freezing power to freeze everything quickly. This preserves your food's appearance, as well as the goodness inside. Once everything is frozen, the appliance restores the standard setting. The AEG AGN71800F0 also has a handy integrated acoustic alarm, which will alert you straightaway if the door is accidentally left open.

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