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Blogger Feature: Do It For The Irony


1.) Tell us about yourself.

I’m just a student and a blogger trying to create everything I can!  My writing style is sort of stream of consciousness.  People describe my clothing style as quirky, so let’s go with that!  My url,, comes from how I sometimes act.  More so in the past, I would listen to a certain music or wear something because it’s ironic.  Hence the blog title.

2.) What are your ‘must-have’ fashion items?

Tropical shirts, high waisted bottoms, brown leather short boots and weird sneakers.

3.) What three impractical fashion items would you invest in (if money was no object)?

Tons of Betsey Johnson jewelry, fancy socks and designer pens.

4.) Have you got any fashion advice?

I haven’t really gotten any fashion advice, well any that I can remember.  But what I’ve learned is that you can literally wear whatever you want.  Literally anything. I find that liberating.

5.) What else would you like to tell us about yourself and how can we reach you?

I really like Cheetos.



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