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Blogger Feature: Love, Iris


1.) Tell us about yourself.

Hi everyone! I’m Iris, I’m a fashion blogger at Love, Iris ( I’ve been so obsessed with fashion and thought it would be awesome to have a blog, so over a year now I have been blogging about my personal fashion and my life. I’m also a Pre-Med student at the University of Utah, which is really been fun. I will be apply in about 3 years to a medical school. Anyways, I was born in Romania, and came to the US when I was about 1 (basically American) haha.

2.) What are your ‘must-have’ fashion items?

My favorite items have to be anything that is comfy enough for school and work, but also looks fabulous at the same time. Usually I love skirts, dresses, comfy jeans, fun tops, jackets, coats whatever is always fun. I also love any type of fleece leggings with cute prints because any tunic will work well with it. I also love leather anything, it’s such a fun piece to wear with everything you have at home.

3.) What three impractical fashion items would you invest in (if money was no object)?

If money was no object, I would totally get anything that’s big brand bag and get tons of them since I could post in a million photo’s with fabulous bags or a great skirt from luisa viaroma their clothing is so amazing, but I wish I could get one of there skirts from there.  Anywhere that’s expensive that no one really can afford would be my “Impractical Fashion Items”

4.) Have you got any fashion advice?

I would say always stay true to yourself, you don’t want to go copy everyone and people are going to be like, “Uh, I saw that one someone…”. I would get items that you want to show off on your blog or outside, because if you feel comfortable and at piece in your clothing then you are golden!

5.) What else should we know about Iris?

You can check out my blog here:



I love any types of foods, even if it’s the spiciest foods food ever, I will eat it. I’m not picky only if it’s really gross then I wont eat it.

I really love to shop on the weekends when I’m not studying, and also love reading other blogs that are just too amazing on my free time.

I love reading mystery novels, or anything that will catch my attention!

If you need to contact me you can click on the “Contact Me” tab on my blog to email me! 🙂


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